Tips to Winterize Your Home

July 2nd, 2010

Tips To Winterize Your HomeToday I thought I’d share with you several tips to winterize your home. Thoroughly check your home prior to the start of the winter season. Doing this can save you plenty of frustration, time and you have time to make your home energy efficient and save money.

  • Inspect each door and window in your home for cracks prior to the start of the winter season. You want to keep all of the heat in your home. If you have weather stripping that is worn out, replace it and any caulk that has worn out as well. Use the right sealant to cover up cracks so the cold air and the bugs can stay out of your home.
  • Have you chimney thoroughly cleaned. Not cleaning out your chimney is a major fire hazard and it’s one of the top reasons that people lose their homes to a fire during the winter months. Always make sure you hire someone who is professional and knows what he’s doing. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you clean it as good as the pros do. Remember to always use gates in front of log fireplaces so in case the logs roll around they won’t roll onto your living room carpet. Also, never throw anything into the fireplace that can explode or cause a bigger fire.
  • The spring season is the best time to get your chimney in order. You need to do maintenance prior to using the fireplace. Have the chimney inspected every year before the winter season approaches. You would be amazed at what you could find in them. Get a professional to do a maintenance check along with a sweep.
  • You can also purchase a protective cap with a screen for your chimney. It will keep out objects that do not belong. When you are not using the chimney, close the damper to help keep the cold air out.
  • Have underpinning for your home if it is elevated from the ground. The pipes should be insulated and not naked to very cold temperatures. In order to prevent freezing, make sure that any faucets outside or your home are completely turned off.
  • Adjust your ceiling fans to operate clockwise. The room will feel warmer when the warm air circulates through the room.
  • Clean the gutters – When the fall season comes the leaves and other debris from your gutters will scatter all over the place. You will have to remove the leaves and debris. If you live in an area where there is snow and rain during the winter, make sure that the drains are clear. The snow and rain will need a place to drain. If the drains of your gutters are clogged, water will back up and freeze. This can cause water to get in your home. While you are cleaning your gutters, check for leaks and pipes that are not aligned properly. The water should be going away from the foundation of your home. If it’s not, your house could flood and have additional water damage.
  • Check your furnace to make sure it is working properly. This should be done before the cold weather sets in. If there is a smell that last longer than usual when you turn it on, contact someone who can check it out. Put on your calendar to have the furnace checked at least once a year by an inspector. Your furnace should go through a yearly maintenance check.
  • Check the filters every month. Having a dirty filter will stop the flow of air and will not be efficient for energy purposes. For better performance, use electrostatic or electronic filters. These are reusable and can be washed.
  • Preventing your pipes from damage is a very smart move. You don’t want to be in your bed and all of a sudden, a pipe bursts and water gushes all over the place. Before it really gets cold, the hose where the water comes from should be turned off and drain the lines. The pipes should be insulated. You can use fiberglass or pre-molded foam rubber sleeves. You can also wrap it up with heating tape.
  • The ductwork should be properly insulated and connected. If it’s not, you will lose a lot of heated air. If you have an attic in your home, there will be some ducts that are exposed. You will also find some in the basement and crawlspaces. If there are any gaps, use metal-backed tape to cover them up. Vacuum the ducts once every few years to get rid of dust and other particles that can get inside of them. If the ducts are not cleaned out, they can cause respiratory problems for those who live in the home.

Well that’s about it for today. Remember, just because it’s a hot summer right now, does not mean that you should put off those necessary steps to winterize your home.


A Simple Guide to Your Next Driveway Paving Project

June 30th, 2010

Nowralk PavingThere are many different options for making your house a home. If you have a driveway you may want to pave it, so that it looks nice and is easier to care for. Paved driveways reduce the risk of damage to your cars, trucks, and family. A well-paved driveway also adds value to a home. There are so many attractive options in paving your driveway.

The first thing you need to do is to determine the size of your driveway. Next decide whether or not you can do the paving yourself. Alternatively, whether you should hire someone to do the paving. This also depends on whether you have the time and expertise do it yourself. If you do decide to have someone do the work for you, you need to set about obtaining some quotes. The reason why you need to get more than one quote is so that you can decide who will be the most cost effective company to go with. Furthermore, you need to see what types of paving styles are available at each potential contractor. Most potential contractors will come out to your property and give you a quote on the work that needs to be done. They will check the gradient of the land and the size of it as well. They will see what areas are most exposed to the sun, and will advise you on which type of paving could be best. In most cases you will be free to choose whatever type of material you prefer the look of. When you are getting a quote, be sure to find out the estimate of how long it will take for the work to be completed. This is also a major factor in choosing which company you would like to go with.

The next thing that you will need to do is choose the type of material you would like your driveway to be paved in. There is asphalt, cement, cobble stones, different levels and colours of bonds, assorted styles of bricks and stone, brick and other kinds of paving. If you are unsure about what style you would like, it is important to do research. Most good paving companies will take the time to educate you on the many different paving options. If you are very hesitant, go for something that will look good for years to come. It is also always best to spend a little more money on your paving project. Cutting costs at the beginning can often lead to many more costs in the future. If you choose a quality local paving contractor you will get a great job done and will have a lovely driveway for years to come.

If you decide to do the paving yourself, you will then need to do a lot of research on doing it yourself. There will be tutorials and websites that will be able to assist you. It is always best to use a contractor though, so that you are not at risk of messing your driveway up!


Save On Heating Oil Today!

February 8th, 2010


For Great Deals On Heating Oil, Please Check Back This Fall!

I’m pleased to announce a 3¢ per gallon discount for all current and new customers. I know this economy is tough. I see it every day in the neighborhoods of Norwalk, Stamford and the rest of Fairfield County. So I decided to offer a customer discount of 3¢ per gallon on home heating oil. Again this coupon is open to all customers!

Take advantage of our already best priced heating oil together with this generous 3¢ per gallon discount today by either emailing us at or calling 203-846-FUEL (3835). Then click the coupon image below and print a copy from your printer and give our driver a copy. That’s all there is too it!

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Because the cost of heating oil that I pay is so close to price I sell it, I can only offer this discount for a limited period of time. So hurry and act today as this coupon expires on February 28, 2010.

So if you haven’t yet joined the Piro Paving & Petroleum family or are already a valued customer, call or email us today, and we’ll schedule a delivery right away.

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